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Welcome to the Tax on the Couch Online video guide. Please see below instructions on how to use and navigate through this website.

Please keep in mind, as with all video websites, you need a good broadband or data connection to view the videos.

  1. Log into the Tax on the Couch website by clicking the ‘log in’ button. 
  2. We recommend watching this on either Firefox or Google Chrome to get the best quality and outcome of your viewing experience.
  3. Once logged in, you will be in the ‘all videos’ view, where you will be able to watch the latest edition, or catch up with previous editions listed below the current edition.
  4.  The video can be viewed in its entirety or stopped and skipped by chapters.

Should you experience any difficulties using the website or viewing the content please feel free to contact our office.

Email – feedback@taxonthecouch.com.au

Phone – 03 9209 9999

Please click here to view our FAQ's on Tax on the Couch